We can travel but what about our clients?

 Yes, your clients may travel. That’s because of the phrase “access to” in number 16, section A – Any travel that is related to the provision of, or access to, Essential Activities, Essential Governmental Functions, Essential Businesses and Operations, or Minimum Basic Operations.

I have seen other language out there floating around for COVID-19 related delays; can I use this language instead of, or in addition to, the suggested language?

It is important to have statewide standardization and uniformity in these difficult times to help with the interpretation of said language and the comfort levels of our members in preparing for a COVID-19 related transactional delay. There is no perfect language as these are not perfect times. They all accomplish the same purpose.

Does IAR have any guidance in dealing with COVID-19 contract delays?

Yes. In dealing with future delays or possible contract cancellations, we suggest the following language be used in the Further Conditions of the Purchase Agreement: Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Agreement, the parties agree and acknowledge that in the event either the Buyer, Buyer’s lender, Seller, any of their respective service providers, government agency

Should Realtors® continue to hold open houses and do property showings?

Public health advice is continuing to evolve. As of March 17, 2020, Gov. Eric Holcomb ordered recomendations to slow the spread of Covid-19 including delaying all “non-essential” public meetings and took further unprecedented actions on March 19, 2020 to protect and support Hoosiers during the COVID-19 outbreak by signing executive orders that extend the closure

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