Project Description

zipLogix™ and the National Association of REALTORS® provide REALTORS® with access to a suite of transaction tools shaped by nearly 25 years of industry expertise.

Every member is empowered with a comprehensive transaction platform, with the tools needed to prosper in today’s dynamic real estate market.

The Indiana Association of REALTORS® statewide transactional forms may be the most underappreciated of the IAR member benefits.

They’re just a tool to conduct business, right? No more exciting than your computer or phone. RACI, let’s challenge that. Our forms are:

Standardized to save you time during a transaction. You and the “other guy” know what’s expected.
Updated annually by a committee of IAR attorneys and members to keep you compliant with the law and current with professional practice.
Online with the electronic signature capability of Digital Ink® to help you meet client demands.
A great value. There’s no need to consult an attorney for each move