How do I report violations of this policy?

Agents will report potential violations using the newly adopted Clear Cooperation Reporting Form. The form must be completed and returned to your local MLS for processing. The fines will not begin until August 1, 2020. The fine schedule is 1st violation: written warning, 2nd violation: $500, 3rd violation: $1500, and 4th violation will go before the IRMLS Board of Directors.

Report Violation

Does IRMLS allow Office Exclusive listings?

Yes. IRMLS adopted a new “Office Exclusive Form” that must be signed by the seller in addition to the listing contract. Both documents will be submitted to the local board by the listing agent in compliance with their Office Exclusive rules.

What process was adopted by IRMLS to help members comply with this policy?

The IRMLS Board amended the IRMLS Rules & Regulations to include rules that govern Clear Cooperation Policy. After the seller signs an Exclusive Right to Sell or an Exclusive Agency contract for a residential property, the listing shall be entered into the MLS within three (3) calendar days after all necessary signatures of the seller have been obtained or within one (1) business day after publicly marketing the property in accordance with the Clear Cooperation Policy (Section 1.01) whichever is less; the Listing Broker must ensure the listing is entered into the MLS or the listing is an Office Exclusive, in which case it will not be entered into the MLS but submitted to the local board in accordance with their Office Exclusive rules.

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