Committee description/objective: Stay at the forefront of transformative technology within the real estate sector, enhancing operational efficiency for both agents and RACI staff. Offer insightful recommendations for MLS updates that elevate our industry. Your participation drives the industry’s tech-driven future.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 2-yr terms.

2024 Chair: Cherie Smith
2024 Vice Chair: Lesley Vigar

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
January 23; April 16; July 16; and October 15 (additional meetings as necessary)

Best Practices
Build your Expertise Roundtables
Vet and suggest new technology resources, apps/programs, tools
and more…

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’24 Members
Chair: Cherie Smith
Vice Chair: Lesley Vigar

Jordan Moran
Stacey Cannon
Logan Clark

BOD Liaison: