Committee description/objective: Unite efforts to secure funds that drive initiatives crucial to our professional welfare. By backing policymakers aligned with our interests, we directly influence and address pertinent matters. Your involvement directly shapes the path towards safeguarding our livelihoods.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. New for 2024 Co-Chair & Co-Vice Chair serve 1-yr terms.

2024 Co-Chairs: Keli Cordill & Sandra Young
2024 Co-Vice Chairs: Josh Murdock & Tisha Strickler

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
February 13; May 14 (2:30); August 13; and November 12 (additional meetings as necessary)

Educate & party plan:
RPAC Major Investor Event
RPAC Mini Auctions
RPAC Auctions
and more…

Interested in educating members on value of RPAC and becoming an active participant in the campaign? Select RPAC Fundraising on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

’24 Members
Co-Chairs: Keli Cordill & Sandra Young
Co-Vice Chairs: Josh Murdock & Tisha Strickler

Kim Reid
Jordan Moran
Suzie Mack
Susan Cone
Lindsay Ousley
Shanelle Cahill
Stacia Bonifant
Kim Sottong

BOD Liaison: