During her participation in the Indiana REALTORS®  Leadership Academy, Jennifer Richey was inspired to collaborate with other Indiana REALTORS®  Leadership Academy graduates from RACI to develop a leadership program at the local level and LEAD was born!

  • Jennifer Richey – IAR Leadership Academy Class of 2020/1; 2021 RACI President; & 2022 REALTOR® of the Year
    Jennifer’s passion is evident as she takes LEAD participants through the Advocacy + Government Affairs session.
  • Shanelle Cahill – IAR Leadership Academy Class of 2019; 2022 RPAC Fundraising Vice Chair
    Ambassador Jennifer Richey will immerse you in community government processes and the role REALTORS® can play in impacting legislature..
  • Charise Goodnight* – IAR Leadership Academy Class of 2017; 2019 RACI President; & 2018 REALTOR® of the Year
    Charise took on Communication + Conflict Resolution in LEAD’s inaugural year.
  • Britni Merrell – LEAD Class of 2021; 2021 & 2022 Social Activities Chair; & 2022 Community Outreach Vice Chair
    Britni is excited to bring her experience as a LEAD Alumni and serving on RACI committees to the Communication + Conflict Resolution session. We have no doubt she will use participating in Charise’s session as inspiration to make it her own!
  • Angie McAmis – IAR Leadership Academy Class of 2018; 2019 & 2021 Community Outreach Chair;  & 2020 REALTOR® of the Year
    Angie parlayed her devotion to the Community Outreach committee into sharing with LEAD participants best practices for amping up engagement and/or maximizing their own participation in committees.
  • Cherie Smith – IAR Leadership Academy Class of 2012; 2017 RACI President; 2022 IRMLS Vice Chair; 2022-23 IAR Professional Standards Chair; 2019-21 NAR Professional Standards Committee; 2019 Distinguished Service Award; & 2017 REALTOR®  of the Year
    Cherie leads the Professional Standards in our Industry session. A quick glance at her

The Ambassadors are supported by RACI Executive Vice President Amy Pate and Communications Director Stefani Closson. Amy tackles the last session with solid advice for taking ownership of your business. Stefani stepped in for Charise in year two for the Communication + Conflict Resolution session and she’s thrilled to see what Britni brings to the session in 2023.

*on hiatus