Committee description/objective: Propel forward Economic Development projects and collaborate with impactful organizations that drive positive change in our communities. Delve into matters influencing Economic Development within each county we serve, encompassing enhancements for the well-being of all residents. Champion the enhancement of governance by motivating REALTORS® and fellow individuals to actively engage in government affairs. Stay attuned to local and state concerns, playing an active role in shaping meaningful outcomes.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 2-yr terms.

2024 Chair:  Bob Lundquist
2024 Vice Chair: Jill Miles

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Wednesdays @ 2:00
March 9; May 22; August 21; and November 20 (additional meetings as necessary)

Champion community development:
Candidate Forums
Community Conversations
Mayor & Economic Development Meet Ups
and more…

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’24 Members
Chair: Bob Lundquist
Vice Chair: Jill Miles

Sara Hardy
Janet Barnett
Stacey Cannon
Emily Ramos
Paul Wyman
Kim Sottong
John Lundquist

BOD Liaison: