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REALTORS® engage in community outreach activities throughout central Indiana. RACI members are collecting donations for Department of Child Services agencies in our counties, serving dinner to the kids at the Kokomo Urban Outreach MiniUP program and participating in the Miami county Reality Store program that helps freshman students connect academic achievement with the kind of lifestyle they envision for themselves after graduation. It's our community. It's who we R.



2019 RACI Board of Directors

Charise Goodnight (President), Janet Barnett, Stacia Bonifant, Stacey Cannon (Treasurer), Andy Hardie, Tom Hayes, Cindy Heinzman, Sami Holmgren, Christy Kisner, Bob Lundquist, Suzie Mack, Chuck Oldfather (President-Elect), Dee Dee Richards (Past-President), Jennifer Richey, PJ Ryan, Lori Siders, Cherie Smith


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Reducing the Risk of Real Estate Wire Fraud - Clareity Security

Ongoing bad publicity related to real estate transaction wire fraud threatens to damage the reputation of the real estate industry. Previous issue descriptions have been incomplete and have also not provided thorough guidance for those brokerages, title companies, attorneys, and others that engage internally in the wiring of funds or interact with the consumer regarding wire transfers.This paper provides information relevant not just for those directly establishing and communicating wiring instructions, but also for those just acting in an advisory role to the consumer during the transaction.

The paper includes best practices – sample procedures and communications gathered from franchises, brokers, title companies and others. It also includes a sample company policy Clareity Consulting has created based on both these best practices and on our experience advising brokerages and other companies regarding information security. Not all aspects of this paper will apply to all companies involved in the transaction, and what is relevant will still need to be tailored to an individual company’s business processes. Still, it provides a valuable starting place toward reducing the risk of wire fraud.

Click here for Reducing the Risk of Real Estate Wire Fraud

These terms are frequently misunderstood. The following definitions are intended to help users understand the differences in the terms. Mobile/Manufactured Homes do not qualify for inclusion in the MLS because they are taxed as personal property by the State of Indiana. The MLS is for the sale/lease of real property only. The Mobile/Manufactured home can be included in the MLS if the land the mobile/Manufactured sits on is for sale.  read more...

CFPB Issues Mortgage Toolkit
As part of their obligations under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued an updated "Special Information Booklet" which is now known as the "Your Home Loan Toolkit."  The toolkit attempts to modernize and simplify the information presented to consumers and is designed to work better with the new forms and processes under RESPA/TILA harmonization that go into effect on August 1, 2015.
Your Home Loan Toolkit
Loan Estimate Example
Closing Disclosure Example
CFPB PowerPoint
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