RACI’s 2024 Volunteer Call Out is now open from
Monday, November 13, 2023 through Sunday, December 10, 2023.

*This call out includes two opportunities only available in 2024:
Bylaws & Policy Task Force and Grant County Director Vacancy Appointment 1-year term. More information below.

Volunteer with Us!



RACI Volunteer Committees are Affiliate* & REALTOR® member professionals who volunteer their time to support the central Indiana REALTOR® community. Volunteer committees work with RACI staff and our Board of Directors to achieve specific goals for the Association and the business of central Indiana REALTORS®. RACI supports your interests and dedication to your community, and we welcome your participation. When you volunteer and participate in RACI, YOU help make a difference! Joining a committee is a rewarding experience that will improve your Association, community, and your business.

RACI Volunteer Committees

RACI committees help connect our member professionals and our communities by providing outreach programs and events, while enhancing the community’s social and economic vitality.

From outreach to social gatherings to professional development, you’re sure to find a RACI Committee that interests you. Volunteer applications and appointments take place each fall (don’t worry, we encourage signing up all year long too!). Learn more about RACI’s volunteer committees and view the 2023 committee chair by selecting a committee below.

Miss the Volunteer Call Out window? Signing up for a committee is always open!

Visit raci.org/volunteer to sign up or request more information. Not wanting to join a committee, but willing to volunteer time or talents for a specific event or need? Fill out the volunteer application and choose ‘Put me on the general volunteer list!’

*Affiliates are welcome to join Community Outreach, Programs, or Social Activities committees.

Community Outreach2023-11-11T12:06:19-05:00

Committee description/objective: Empower positive community change through impactful projects. Elevate the Association and REALTORS® in our communities. Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 2-yr terms.

2023 Chair: Britni Merrell             2024 Chair: Britni Merrell
2023 Vice Chair: Abby Miller       2024 Vice Chair: Laura Roberts

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
March 12; June 11; September 10 (2:30); and December 10 (additional meetings as necessary)

Make an impact:
Charity Gala Beneficiary & Silent Auction (with Social Activities)
REALTOR® Volunteer Days
Indiana REALTOR® Blood Drive (with IAR)
Gift of Warmth Campaign (Social Activities Spirit of Holiday Giving Parties)
and more…

Fundraising Campaigns
Partner with RACI Affiliates to bring specialized fundraising campaigns to the membership.
*Built in to the following Signature Events: Charity Gala & Spirit of Giving Holiday Parties

Interested in making a difference in our communities? Select Community Outreach on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Britni Merrell
Vice Chair: Abby Miler

Laura Roberts
Susan Cone
Dee Dee Richards
Susan Reese
Lori Siders
Susan Waggoner
Erica Hawkins
Amber Powell
Shelly Brafford
Suzie Mack
Kayla Hudson
Faith Ables
Slater Young
Nate Lundin
Lindsey DeWitt
Carrie Gruel

BOD Liaison:

Economic Development2023-11-11T12:18:33-05:00

Committee description/objective: Propel forward Economic Development projects and collaborate with impactful organizations that drive positive change in our communities. Delve into matters influencing Economic Development within each county we serve, encompassing enhancements for the well-being of all residents. Champion the enhancement of governance by motivating REALTORS® and fellow individuals to actively engage in government affairs. Stay attuned to local and state concerns, playing an active role in shaping meaningful outcomes.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 2-yr terms.

2023 Chair:  Bob Lundquist               2024 Chair:  Bob Lundquist
2023 Vice Chair: Paul Wyman         2024 Vice Chair: Jill Miles

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Wednesdays @ 2:00
February 21; May 22; August 21; and November 20 (additional meetings as necessary)

Champion community development:
Candidate Forums
Community Conversations
Mayor & Economic Development Meet Ups
and more…

Interested in fighting for homeownership, cultivating stronger housing markets, and protecting our communities? Select Economic Development on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Bob Lundquist
Vice Chair: Paul Wyman

Lesley Vigar
Dee Dee Richards
Susan Reese
Lori Siders
William Heinzman
Jill Miles
Shelly Brafford
Jennifer Richey
Stacey Cannon

BOD Liaison:


Committee description/objective: Provide dynamic and diverse programs, catering to both REALTOR® and Affiliate members across our region. This team will curate captivating speakers, ensuring member engagement and fostering a culture of consistent participation in these gatherings. Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 4 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 1-yr terms.

2023  Chair: Keli Cordill                             2024  Chair: Lindsay Howell
2023  Vice Chair: Lindsay Howell          2024  Vice Chair: TBA

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
January 9; April 9; July 9; and October 8 (additional meetings as necessary)

Foster & promote programing for:
Annual Meeting
Designation Programs
Fair Housing Month Program(s)
Networking Sessions
REALTOR® Safety Month Program(s)
and more…

Ongoing under the Program umbrella:
Continuing Education (In-Person)
LEAD Program
New Member Orientation

Interested in bringing relevant, timely, and quality programing to the membership? Select Programs on the volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Keli Cordill
Vice Chair: Lindsay Howell

Stacia Bonifant
Amber Powell
Jennifer Richey
Bailey Record

BOD Liaison:

RPAC Fundraising2023-11-11T12:47:08-05:00

Committee description/objective: Unite efforts to secure funds that drive initiatives crucial to our professional welfare. By backing policymakers aligned with our interests, we directly influence and address pertinent matters. Your involvement directly shapes the path towards safeguarding our livelihoods.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. New for 2024 Co-Chair & Co-Vice Chair serve 1-yr terms.

2023 Chair: Shanelle Cahill             2024 Co-Chair: Keli Cordill
2023 Vice Chair: Keli Cordill          2024 Co-Chair: Sandra Young
2024 Co-Vice Chair: Josh Murdock

                                                                    2024 Co-Chair: Tisha Strickler

’24 Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
February 13; May 14 (2:30); August 13; and November 12 (additional meetings as necessary)

Educate & party plan:
RPAC Major Investor Event
RPAC Mini Auctions
RPAC Auctions
and more…

Interested in educating members on value of RPAC and becoming an active participant in the campaign? Select RPAC Fundraising on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Shanelle Cahill
Vice Chair: Keli Cordill

Susan Cone
Dee Dee Richards
Lindsay Ousley
Stacia Bonifant
Lori Siders
Tisha Strickler
Sandra Young
Kim Reid
Jason Carter
Josh Murdock
Kim Sottong

BOD Liaison:

Social Activities2023-11-11T12:49:34-05:00

Committee description/objective: Orchestrate vibrant social events that bring together REALTORS® and Affiliates. Cultivate an atmosphere where networking thrives amidst relaxed and enjoyable gatherings. Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 1-yr terms.

2023 Chair: Susan Cone
2023 Vice Chair: Tisha Strickler

Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
March 19 (2:30); June 18; September 17; and December 17 (additional meetings as necessary)

Get social:
Charity Gala (with Community Outreach)
REALTOR® Night at the Jackrabbits
Social Mixers
Spirit of Giving Holiday Parties (Community Outreach Gift of Warmth Campaign)
and more…

Interested in recognizing member achievements while having some fun? Select Social Activities on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Susan Cone
Vice Chair: Tisha Strickler

Breanne Bennett
Melissa Reed
Erica Hawkins
Amber Powell
Kayla Hudson
Sandra Young
Georgette Miller
Shannon Miller
Emily Gohring
Sarah Mast
Rebekah Slack
Nate Lundin
Patrick Howell

BOD Liaison:


Committee description/objective: Stay at the forefront of transformative technology within the real estate sector, enhancing operational efficiency for both agents and RACI staff. Offer insightful recommendations for MLS updates that elevate our industry. Your participation drives the industry’s tech-driven future.

Committee consists of Chair & Vice Chair plus up to 5 from each county. Chair & Vice Chair serve 2-yr terms.

2023 Chair: Rachel Henry                       2024 Chair: Cherie Smith
2023 Vice Chair: Jeff Bridenthal          2024 Vice Chair: Lesley Vigar

Quarterly meeting schedule: Tuesdays @ 2:00
January 16; April 16; July 16; and October 15 (additional meetings as necessary)

Best Practices
Build your Expertise Roundtables
Vet and suggest new technology resources, apps/programs, tools
and more…

Interested in helping our members stay up-to-date in this tech driven industry? Select Technology on the Volunteer Call Out form or contact Makayla today!

Chair: Rachel Henry
Vice Chair: Jeff Bridenthall

Bob Lundquist
Lesley Vigar
Cherie Smith
Susan Reese
Jill Miles
Lindsay Howell
Stacey Cannon
John Kwiatt

BOD Liaison:

2024 Additional Opportunities

Bylaws & Policy Task Force2023-11-11T14:07:04-05:00

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering diversity of thought and ensuring robust representation in our decision-making processes, we are looking for REALTOR® members willing to share their unique insights and experiences to shape the future of our organization.

The Bylaws & Policy Task Force plays a critical role in the governance of our organization, with a specific focus on reviewing and making recommendations for updates to the RACI bylaws and policies. This includes a particular emphasis on territory expansion. Our goal is to ensure that RACI remains a dynamic and efficient organization, ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our members and the community we serve.

If selected to serve, members will be expected to:

  • Reviewing existing RACI bylaws and policies.
  • Make recommendations for updates, especially concerning territory expansion.
  • Collaborate with fellow task force members to ensure a comprehensive and well-informed approach.
  • Support the overall goal of maintaining RACI as a dynamic and efficient organization.

Changes to policy can be made by Directors, changes to bylaws must be voted on by membership.

Complete the ‘Task Force’ section on the Volunteer Call Out form to be considered for this opportunity in 2024.

Grant County Director Vacancy2023-11-11T13:58:46-05:00

The Board of Directors is taking applications to fill the Grant county Director opening for a 1-year term.

To be considered to fill the Grant county opening, your Managing Broker’s office must be in Grant county. Qualified candidates will be considered by the Board of Directors for the appointment to fulfill a 1-year term.

Criteria for Board of Directors:

• REALTOR® for at least three (3) years
• Governance, interpersonal & leadership skills
• Has served on a committee or leadership role
• Supportive of Association events & functions
• Acts in a professional & ethical manner

Fill out the Grant County Director Appointment form to be considered:

When a seat on the Board of Directors is vacant, how is it filled?
The Bylaws indicate that “vacancies among the Officers and the Board of Directors may be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors”. The term of any person elected as an at-large Director as a result of a vacancy shall continue until the next annual election (1-yr term).

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